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Diabetic Retinopathy

Ophthalmology Winchester VA

Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes that weakens the blood vessels that supply nourishment to the retina...Learn More

Macular Degeneration

Ophthalmology Winchester VA

Macular degeneration, or AMD, is the leading cause of vision loss and blindness in people over the age of 65...Learn More

Other Retina & Vitreous Diseases

Ophthalmology Winchester VA

There are a wide range of retinal diseases and conditions, from the common and easily treated to those that are less common...Learn More

About Our Practice

Vitreo Retinal Surgeon Winchester VAWelcome to Retina & Vitreous Consultants of Virginia. We provide top-notch retinal care with a focus on educating our patients about their complex retinal diseases. At Retina & Vitreous Consultants of Virginia, we use the latest diagnostic technologies to evaluate your retinal condition and detect subtle problems before vision is lost. In addition, we use the latest medical treatments including injections and laser treatments to address vision-threatening conditions ranging from Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy to Retinal Vein Occlusions and Retinal Tears. We are a complete Surgical retina practice and are pleased to offer cutting edge techniques, including small gauge vitrectomy, which is the latest technological advancement in the field of retinal surgery.

We have a dedicated and friendly office staff focused on making your visit with us relaxing and informative. In addition, we pride ourselves on promptly communicating the findings of your retinal examination and evaluation with the specific eye doctor that referred you and other relevant medical doctors that care for you including your internist. Whether we communicate in person or in writing, we realize it is important for critical members of a healthcare team to be updated on your retinal condition. After all, we are only one part of a larger healthcare team looking out for your health and well-being.

We hope this website will introduce you to our growing practice and inform you about the myriad of services we provide as well as introduce you to some of the diseases that can affect the retina.  As we are a retina-only practice, we focus on diseases and surgery of the retina and vitreous. Please contact other local eye providers for a general ophthalmic problem or issue. Our practice often receives retina patients by referral but you do NOT need a referral to be seen. You can call us to schedule a consultation on your retinal condition. Remember, at the end of the day, your health ultimately lies in your hands.

Currently, our only office location is in Winchester, VA though we are always looking to expand. We serve the western corridor of Virginia, eastern side of West Virginia, and even parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania. Appointments may be made during office hours.

For questions about a specific eye condition or procedure, or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (540) 662-1810. While we take a broad range of insurances including Medicare, we request you call to verify whether we accept your insurance.

Click on the office location above for directions and our phone and fax numbers. We look forward to providing comprehensive retinal care to you and your loved ones.